Biohof Samenfink

Type of business:
Suckler cow husbandry, grassland, arable farming, silviculture

Area farmed:
25 hectares, including 2 hectares of arable land

Farming method:
Organic (Bioland)

Green fodder, potatoes, onions, cereals

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What is special about Biohof Samenfink?

“We not only look after the welfare of our animals, but also strive to preserve and develop as many ecological niches as possible on our land.”

What does insect protection mean for Biohof Samenfink?

“Insects are an important building block in the ecosystem. The promotion of beneficial insects not only benefits our crops, but we also provide food for the birds, bats, frogs etc. that live here.”

What insect protection measures is Biohof Samenfink planning or already implementing?

“We have a meadow orchard, flowering strips and flowering catch crops in the fields, maintain a few nature conservation areas, and keep hedgerows and water margins. We want to make our grassland even more colourful with the help of species enrichment in suitable places.”

The questions were answered by Michael Samenfink.

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