Biolandhof Hold

Type of business:
Bioland organic hay milk farm with approx. 30 dairy cows

Area farmed:
40 ha grassland, 10 ha alpine pasture, 3 ha litter meadows

Farming method:
Bioland guidelines

© Biolandhof Hold

What is special about Biolandhof Hold?
“We have been running our farm according to Bioland guidelines for 25 years. We mow litter meadows and aerate our hay with warm air from our wood chip heating system.”

What does insect protection mean for Biolandhof Hold?
“Preserving the ecosystem, preserving the cycles that we farmers depend on. That’s why we want to create more different habitats for insects with various measures and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.”

What insect protection measures is Biolandhof Hold planning or already implementing?
“Piles of dead wood, flower strips, double-blade mowing, hedges along small streams and cutting times around July 1 and August 1.”

The questions were answered by Felix Hold.