Golfclub Waldegg-Wiggensbach e.V.

Type of business:
Golf course

80 hectares

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What is special about golf club Waldegg-Wiggensbach?
“The golf club Waldegg-Wiggensbach and its courses are characterized by their special location. Situated in the middle of the Adelegg foothills of the Alps, it fits perfectly into the typical topology here without significantly affecting the landscape. The golf course is perfectly adapted to the conditions. It is all about terrain structures and the ups and downs of the terrain, which gives players a very exciting golfing experience and offers wonderful views towards the main ridge of the Alps, but also into the lowlands to the north. The highlight is the highest tee in Germany at 1014m. From a nature conservation point of view, it should be emphasized that the course has a total size of 80 hectares but has around 38 hectares of land that is not used for playing. This means that there is a lot of open space that can be managed in an extensive and natural way. This creates a corresponding island in the quite monostructural cultural landscape of the Allgäu.”

What does insect protection mean for golf club Waldegg-Wiggensbach?
The certification as “Blühender Golfplatz”, awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment, shows that this is an important part of the operational concept of the golf club Waldegg-Wiggensbach. The golf club’s nature conservation group has been carrying out measures aimed at protecting insects for around 10 years. The numerous members of the club also provide voluntary support in this direction and help with donations for the projects.”

What insect protection measures is golf club Waldegg-Wiggensbach planning or already implementing?
“Examples include extensively managed meadows that are only mowed once or twice a year, insect habitats, the creation of a larger flower meadow and of wildlife biotopes. The existing water areas are also maintained with insects in mind, e.g. by removing fish stocks. The regular operation of the site is also largely carried out using biological measures. New ideas are constantly being developed in this direction, such as the creation of a fruit meadow orchard. There is a consensus in the club about Insect protection which is also seen as an image-enhancing measure. As a large landowner in the region, we also want to live up to our responsibility in terms of nature conservation.”

The questions were answered by Karl-Heinz Lengler.