Hay milk dairy farm Assemann

Type of business:
Dairy farm with offspring; Breed: Brown Swiss

Area farmed:
38 hectares of meadows, pastures and litter meadows, plus 4 hectares of forest

Farming method:
Extensive hay milk production adapted to nature and the Allgäu region

100% permanent grassland

© Thomas Assemann

What is special about the dairy farm Assemann?

“Thanks to the mosaic-like mowing of our meadows, grasses, herbs and clovers bloom all year round.”

What does insect protection mean for the dairy farm Assemann?

“It’s just nice when the hay, litter and wildflower meadows are buzzing and humming!”

What insect protection measures is the dairy farm Assemann planning or already implementing?

“The creation of wildflower strips along streams and field edges and the preservation of our existing flower meadows.”

The questions were answered by Thomas Assemann.