Farm Barge

Type of farm:
Herbal farm

Cultivated area:
120 hectares Arable farming

Farming method:

Chive, rye

Ein Mann in kariertem Hemd und Arbeitshose steht vor seinem Traktor mit der Aufschrift Kräuter Andi, vorne auf dem Traktor sitzr ein Junge und steht ein Mädchen.
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What is special about the Farm Barge?

„After years of testing the cultivation of various herb crops, the farm has specialised in chives. This includes the cultivation and harvesting of chives for the farm and neighbouring businesses.“

What does insect protection mean for the Farm Barge?

„For us, insect protection means consciously creating habitats on arable land that are used extensively or not at all. This creates retreats and nesting areas for insects and birds. These measures promote biodiversity and support the ecological balance on agricultural land.“

What insect protection measures is the Farm Barge planning or already implementing?

„Close cooperation with a beekeeper makes it possible to provide areas for bee colonies, which promotes their pollination performance. Wide rows in cereal crops increase the habitat for insects and create habitats. On fallow land, we allow nature to green itself, which promotes biodiversity and provides habitats for insects. We have also created perennial flowering areas, which are specially maintained to ensure a continuous source of food and habitat for various insect species.“

Andreas Barge answered the questions.