Type of business:
Demeter hay dairy farm with approx. 50 dairy cows with mother or foster mother rearing

Area farmed:
60 hectares of grassland, 7 hectares of arable land and 17 hectares of litter meadows under maintenance contract

Farming method:
Organic according to Demeter guidelines

Clover grass, oats, triticale

© Lanquanz – Rosa Rothenbacher

What is special about Lanquanz?
“Lanquanz has been farmed organically for 20 years. Over time, several hedges and avenues have been planted. In addition, we have been cultivating many nature conservation areas, litter meadows, which we mow once or twice a year. We have now adapted our fleet of vehicles for this purpose so that no damage is caused to the soil during cultivation.”

What does insect protection mean for Lanquanz?
“Many structural elements of our landscape have disappeared in recent decades. We have already planted some hedges on our pastures, but we want to do more. It is important to us that the ecosystem remains intact, as this is the only way that the cycle of nature can function, which we farmers also depend on. That’s why we want to use various measures to create more different habitats for insects and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.”

What insect protection measures is Lanquanz planning or already implementing?
“We want to plant even more hedges on our pastures. Integrate stone and deadwood piles into these hedges. Create a large meadow orchard. And establish a smooth oat meadow or a species-rich extensive pasture. But there is also plenty of other potential on our farm, such as the creation of a flowerbed, clearings or dry stone walls. There are so many possibilities that we would like to implement bit by bit.”

The questions were answered by Rosa Rothenbacher und Daniel Mayer.