Rehaklinik Überruh

Type of business:
Clinic premises

Area farmed:
9,4 hectares

© Rehaklinik Überruh

What is special about Rehaklinik Überruh?

“Rehaklinik Überruh, a specialist clinic for internal medicine, orthopaedics and behavioral medicine-oriented rehabilitation with a wide range of preventative treatments, is located in the middle of the beautiful Allgäu countryside. The park landscape of the clinic grounds is surrounded by untouched forests and begins at the end of the climatic health resort of Bolsternang. The ridge, criss-crossed by ravines, offers a wealth of unforgettable moments any time of year. The extensive clinic grounds not only serve as a setting for nature experiences, but also as an oasis to slow down in the midst of our fast-paced world. Überruh provides a welcome break from stressful everyday life and offers peace and space for inner reflection. However, the species-rich grounds not only offer space for rehabilitation and prevention patients, but also warmly welcome the little inhabitants of nature. Here, the focus is on the health of the individual in harmony with the beauty and preservation of our unique environment. Welcome to a place where healing and nature go hand in hand.

What does insect protection mean for Rehaklinik Überruh?

“For Rehaklinik Überruh, insect protection symbolizes a holistic approach to health in harmony with nature. The clinic strives not only to promote the health of its rehabilitation and prevention patients, but also to design the environment in such a way that it is equally beneficial for people and nature.

The nature-friendly mowing method in particular demonstrates the relevance of insect protection. Twice a year, at the end of June and the beginning of October, the areas are mowed with a bar mower. The mown grass is left until it is dry. It is then carefully gathered by hand and finally pressed into hay bales for the horse farm in the neighboring village. The gardeners deliberately refrain from turning or rotating the hay. This sustainable approach not only underlines the clinic’s environmental awareness, but also creates a harmonious habitat for insects.“

What insect protection measures is Rehaklinik Überruh planning or already implementing?

“Last year, grassland was enhanced by sowing a native seed mixture over an area of 800 m². In addition, a bed of native perennials was planted on the driveway. Plans for this year include a wild herb path, a tall herbaceous meadow by the water, the replanting of a fruit tree and the planting of flowering shrubs.“

The questions were answered by Rosa Hübner.